• This Is An Excellent Initiative By The Government Of India In Order To Create Awareness Among The Citizens Of India, During An Epic Pandemic. 
  •  If The Situation In India Is Under Control During This Pandemic Is Not Only For The Strict Rules & Regulations Taken By Indian Government. But Also To Follow The Advisory Issued By  WHO. 
  •  Due To Various LockDown And Shut Downs In India, The Fewer People Come To The Exposure Of Corona Virus And Hence Less No’s Deaths Are Reported. Because The Only Holistic Approach For Such A Dangerous Situation Is Social Distancing.
  •  This APP Seems To Have A Great Interactive Interface, Bluetooth And Location Is Always Turned On By This App.
  • This Is a Very Useful  App For  Such A Critical Time. This Will Help Mankind In The War Against Coronavirus. It Includes To Track Our Location And Give The Latest Information About The COVID-19 Situation Of That Region That We Can About The Risk Zone. 
  •  I Recommend And Request All User To Install It On Their Device And Provide  Their Details On It. Because It’s Efficiency Will Increase At Well Increases. It Will Provide Good Sources Of Authentic Information During Such A Global Epidemic.

 How to use the Aarogya setu software :

You First Download Aarogya Setu App From The Google Play Store Or IOS For Friends.
Switch On Bluetooth And Location
Set The Location Sharing To “Always”.
 Google Playstore –Https://Bit.Ly/3aaEy3y
Aarogya Setu App –Https://Bit.Ly/2wIqiRT
  • This Aarogya Setu Framework Is Produce To Provide Accurate Knowledge By The Indian Government. You Fill In Your Correct Information In This App, Such As The Name Of Your Age And Your Background In Any Of Your Foreign Countries.
  • If You Ever Meet A CoVID-19 Patient As You Leave The Room, You Are Notified By Using This Feature. This Will Occur Only If The Patient Is Also Enroll  In The Aarogya Setu App.
  •  The App Will Normally Display A Green Bar Along With The “You Are Free” Alert. When You Spot An Infected Person Or A High-Risk Place, This Green Bar Turns Red And You’re Alerted. If You See Someone With Coronavirus Symptoms Later, You Will Always Be Alerted.
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