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Advanced Fishing Technologies

Advanced Fishing Technologies

What are the technological advances in fishing?

  • As India Is An Agrarian Country, The Fishery Sector Has Immense Contribution To The Indian Economy. And Also Help For Increasing The National GDP. Though Fishing Is A Traditional Practice In The World For A Longer Period, There Are So Many Latest Scientific Techniques Used For Boosting The Fishery Sector.
  • As The Fishing Practice Is Commercially Successful And It Takes Less Time As Compared To Other Practices, A Number Of People Are Taking Interest To Do Fish Cultivation. Hybridization, Cross-Breeding, Use Of The Hormone, Pituitary Extract, Etc. Are Mainly Use For The Increase Of Fish Production Within A Short Period. We Know That The Traditional Fish Cultivation Is Successful, But It Can’t Be Proved Commercially Successful.
  •  Therefore, Cage Culture, Pen Culture, Biopic Etc. Are Using Mainly For The Increase Of Fish Production In India. Besides This Due To The Remarkable Development Of Science And Technology, There Is A High Quality Of Nets And Gears Used For The Catching Of Fish Throughout The Country.
  • Day By Day The Skill And Level Of The Fishery Is Now Improve By Using Biotechnology And Microbiology With The Help Of Our Eminent Scientist.

Fishing Technology Secrets Revealed

  • Apart from this, The Government Has Taken A Number Of Steps For Enhancing Fish Cultivation Throughout The Nation Including From Urban To Rural Areas By Establishing KVK In All District Of India.
    So, The Farmers Can Easily Get Information, And Also Acquire Knowledge Regarding The Use Of Hormone, Injection And Others From The Scientist For Which They Can Easily Increase Their Production Level.
  • Undoubtedly Technology Using Catching In Fishing By The Instrument Are Used -Raymarine Axiom 12 Fish Finder With Built-In GPS,
    Wi-Fi, CHIRP Sonar, And RealVision 3D With Transducer And Navionics+, GoFish Cam Wireless Underwater Fishing Camera & Drone, Etc…
    Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ — GPS Portable Wireless Wi-Fi Fish Finder For Shore And Ice Fishing 
  • especially  Axiom 12 RV Is Power By The Latest, Powerful New Lighthouse . Three System From Ray Marine And Supercharge Four-Core Processor With A Rugged 12-Inch All-Glass Touchscreen Display.   Axiom 12 RV Has A Real 3D Vision Sonar Installed To Enable The Detection And Identification Of Fish.  Transom Mount Transducer With The RV-100 4-Channel Uses Gyro-Stabilized Sonar Technology. To Adjust Boat Vibrations For A Superior View Of the sonar.  Axiom 12 RV Can Be Extend To Increase Its Capacity If Necessary