Kill illness with intelligence – AI-powered COVID kiwi Smartwatch

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It is 5:39 am on the 13th of June now .. and I am here post-watching euro cup. Got a call from one of my friends at 6 am about his father’s (aged 64) health vitals for a decrease in SPO2 to 55% in his Ai powered KIWI smartwatch, as he received from his company, as a gift of appreciation, for the long working hours in lockdown.

Sai, my friend was worried as his real-time AI-powered watch shows 55% blood oxygen for his father, as the vitals are integrated into his I phone. He was pretty nervous during the call. He said the watch got an error.

I being a health tech professional immediately asked him to have a real-time measure of all the parameters like BP, temperature, heart rate, and immunity. All the results were different from the last week’s reports.

I understood there had been a case of the COVID infection. Casually asking what has happened in last 2 days he shares, there were 3 friends of his father who visited asking about their health conditions, as they were feeling bored, came for a discussion to his home. They were form the club house.

I am not able to tell him, sai your father may be covid positive. I asked him to test his blood oxygen from an oxymeter, as we can see the deflections in the KIWI smart watch. After he got similar results as the watch, he immediately shifted his father to the hospital.

As soon the covid test turned positive, he got him admitted.

KIWI smart watches do help to identify covid parameters and immediately helped sai father’s for real time notification about the infection further pursuing the right treatment.

Got a call back again by 11 am. Thanked you for the kiwi watch. I felt a sense of gratitude. Thanks to technology interventions. Thanks to KIWI sens guys for the covid monitoring watch.

Ashutosh Padhi, author is a health tech international business professional

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