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The Biggest Lie In Upcoming BOE LED TV Launch In India

The Biggest Lie In Upcoming BOE LED TV Launch In India

The Biggest Lie In Upcoming BOE LED TV Launch In India :

BOE Display, founded in 1993 in Beijing China, is one of the world’s leading display makers, producing both LCDs and OLEDs. BOE also produces LCD backlighting units and solar panels. In this post you will get to know about the upcoming BOE LED TV Launch In India.

Features of BOE LED TV:

  • It seems like the era of LCD(Liquid Crystal Display) & OLED (organic light-emitting diode) technology in TV has come to an end .because soon there is a new next-generation display solution has elevated and have even taken shape into TV mobile and laptops in recent months.
  • Those are mini LED( light-emitting diode) & micro-LED. Before knowing about micro LED and mini LED we must have brief knowledge about LCD and OLED.
  • In OLED Every pixel are a self-emitting diode.That means every pixel gives its own ligh that is red green and blue. Any of the pixels can be automatically on or off as required by the scene. So OLED display has a premium picture quality.
  • In LCD display there are some LED back to the liquid crystal panel, which is called backlit LED. These backlit LEDs to remain on all the time which emits white light .
  • Then by crossing the pixel it makes the picture. Here the pixel doesn’t have its own light
  •  That’s why it doesn’t have the supreme picture quality as OLED. But by the process of local dimming .we can increase the contrast ratio
  • . So here the mini LED will go to replace the backlight LED. As the mini word refers to a small size, so in the same size TV, we can use large no. Of mini LED as compared to the backlit LED.
  •  For example, Apple pro display XDR .which has a 32-inch size, uses 576 backlit LED.
  • If Apple will implement this new mini LED technique .it can apply moreover 10,000 mini


  • Another great advantage is that due to the small size LED .it will be easy for local dimming. So that we can improve the contrast ratio.
  •  So we can get deep black, improve color height control ratio as compared to OLED.

This all about the informations and differentiation between mini LED vs Backlight LED of BOE LED TV Launch In India.