Electric Bicycle Launched In India



  • A Pune based company has launched a range of six Electric bike below two segments- sports and executive.
  • Bike is going to be more effective.
  • The polarity bike is been powered in Electric motor with pedal assistants making sure there’s no range anxiety disorders for use in rider.
  • Besides that, all are affordable to sale this bike.
  • Especially it is lined up in 6 models- S1K,S2K,S3K,E1K,E2K and E3K( S stands for sports & E stands for Executive)
  • This bike has no pollution infact, it helps to our environment.
  • It is designed in such a way that all systems are available easily to the rider as well as user friendly too.
  • Polarity is far better than the other bike in term of features.
  • New range of Electric bikes also aimed towards the last mile connectivity in the town.
  • The company is looking for selling 20 millions bicycles by 2023 and the 10 percent may come from the electric bicycle.


  • All electric bicycle launched  with a BLDC motor(Brushless DC Electric motor) between 1-3 KW and a Li-ion type battery packed in it.
  • Company will claim a 3 year warranty on the batteries and 1000 charging cycle.
  • Goes max. 80km on a single charge.
  • The top speed is about to 100 kmph.
  • It will provide you plugin charger in both a standard home charger and an optional fast charger.
  • The chargers are ranging from a 40V 5A unit to a 80V 10A unit.
  • Can easily bear heavy duty equipment with its USD forks in front.
  •  Monoshock setup at the rear, large spoke wheels and knooby tyre as well.
  • Fully digital instrument available with a powerful LED light
  •  In top vatrient S3K and E3K , you will get a Bluetooth connectivity and GPS navigation system.
  •  These e-bikes are suppose to be very light in weight as for it’s steel frame and heavily loaded with all Electric components.
  • Sports bike range price –

                                          Rs 38,000-1,05,000/-

  • Executive bike range price –

                                           Rs 40,000-1,10,000/-

Talking about the rivals, the being human is only one who can be competing with polarity in terms of features and other connectivity programs.


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