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How Robot Works In Various Industry ?

How Robot Works In Various Industry ?

How Robot Works In Various Industry ?

Where the word coming to mind is Artificial intelligence and machine learning then suddenly, we see the images of robots in our mind. Then the first question is arising that how robot works in the various industry ? The appropriate reason for that is better productivity. And to create an error free society. So that’s why robots are so much useful for today. Although they are not capable for working in every sector. But Some countries are already use the robots in various industry.

Now we discuss about the various sectors where the robots are already working??

  • According to the International Federation of Robotics which is a professional non profitable organization. The organization is working to promote strengthen and protect the robotics industry in the world.
  • 1.3 million industrial robots are used till 2018. Which market is continuously increasing day by day? Below we mention those industries which use the most advanced robots for boost their efficiency and convenience for business.
1. Health Care Industry

Advanced robotics technology having the so much of potential to change the wide variety of health care practices. Robots are working in various kind of complex operation in health care sector. They are also using for patient companionship. They are not work for take over all the responsibility of health care workers but they are used for make their work easier. For example, robotics device like exoskeletons having the ability to guide patient in rehabilitation.

2. Agriculture Industry

The agriculture industry now working with various advanced robotics technology and adopt new different forms robots. Most of the trackers and harvesters which is used by farmers that are self-guided by GPS and that perform some operations like pruning, thining, mowing, spraying and weed removal. They used various type of sensor technology which used to manage pests and diseases that affect crops.

3. Food Industry

After some few years this robotic technology can replace the extravagant things from our kitchen. For example, most automated and intelligent robots such as invented by Moley Robotics – that will be able to prepare hundred of meals in our home kitchen per day. The chef can control this robot by his/her smart phone. For prepare a recipe the controller arranges some pre-package containers and prepared some ingredients after that the robots will able to cook with quickly and efficiently.

3. Manufacturing Industry

Robotics are used in many aspects of manufacturing industry to developing work efficiency and productivity with lower cost. In this industry robots are working same like health industry they are working or collaborate with industry workers to simplify the repetitive, monotonous, intricate task under the perfect guidance of workers. For example, in a car manufacturing industry the robots are reduces part to part variability, highly repeatable, they never tier or get distracted. They also protect workers from dangerous jobs. Basically, the car manufacturing company use robots for spot welding and painting.

4. Military Industry

Robotics technologies are being used in military and public safety     sectors. They are basically used for unmanned drones and used for surveillance and support operations on the battlefield. The military robotic drones are flying over the areas of war and conflicts. They also capable for assess the danger level of manmade or natural disasters and provide real-time information to the soldiers.

5. Mining Industry

Now in current era our India present in digital age. Till now some of the jobs are very risky and also dangerous forever for human beings. One of the riskiest job industries is Mining. But our digital power makes us more powerful that’s why robots are replacing humans in mines. In mines sector there are many robots are working as self-driving ore carrying vehicles. These monstrous trucks, using the same suite of technologies as other autonomous vehicles, remain at work almost 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without the need to do so. Robots are not only use for automation of moving ore but also use for carving this ore from ground. So, in this addition of autonomous mining equipment that displaces humans.

Now we discuss the most significant advantage and disadvantages of Robotics Technology: –


  1. By using Robots in various industry, we can increase our productivity.

2. They are most accurate than human being.

3. They make very less mistake as comparison with human.

4. They also reduce wastage in comparison with human.

5. Robots are reliable than human and other animals.

6. They can work 24*7 without feel tire and complain.

7. They are too much faster than human.

8. They are work without error in comparison with human.

9. They are also creating some new jobs in market.


  1.  From when robots are coming in to the market. There are many peoples are lost their jobs. (For e.g., in Customer service sector and also ticket counter sector etc.)

2. Robots are need constant power for survive.

3. Robots are restricted with their programming they cannot work beyond their program.

4. They don’t have emotions and feelings.

5. They are also impacting human interaction.

6. They are always requiring Expertise to set them up.

7. They are most expensive for installing and running.

8. They also cause cyber security issues.

9. The last but not the list they reduce human capabilities.