How To Get People To Like Role Of Technology In Globalization


  • GLOBALIZATION Is The Role Of The Most Modern Theory Of State Activity. Globalization Is The Process Of Interaction And Integration Among Companies And Governments Worldwide.
  • It Has Been Popularized In The Last Quarter Of The Twentieth Century. The Western States, Especially European States, And The USA Are Cardinal Proponents Of Globalization. It Favours.
  •  The Reduction Of Trade Barriers For The Free Flow Of Capital, Technology, Goods And Services Among The Nations Of The World. It Is Also Called“Neoliberalism”.
  • Ronald Robertson Is Called As The Father Of Globalization. Since He Employed The Term In Its Technical Sense For The First Time.
  • Especially Globalization Appeared As The Central Concept In His Celebrated Article, “Mapping The Global Conditions” Globalization As The Central Concept Of The 1990s.
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  • In This Modern Era, No Actions Can Take Place Without The Involvement Of Technology. Technology Plays A Vital Role In Globalization.
  •  Technology Has Not Only Revolutionized, The Global Economy But Also Has Become A Critical Competitive Strategy.
  • It Has Globalized The World, Which Drives All The Countries To More Ethical Standards.
  • A General Trend To Geographical And Tangentially Global Expansion Has Been Constant, Along With An Intensification Of Information Processing And Communications Capacity.
  •  The Role Of Technology Has Been To Enable This Physical Expansion Culminating In Globalization, Including The Techno-Industrial Capacity That Increasingly Drove It Through The Construction Of Better And Cheaper Artefacts.
  • in addition to  Key Factors Taking Us Towards Peak Globalization And Making It Economically Viable Are New Technologies.
  • Innovative Businesses And Business Models Allowing For “Production At The Point Of Consumption” Of Energy, Food And Products.


  • Exponential technologies are enabling these trends by sharply reducing the “cost of energy” for creating businesses. Driven by more’s law powerful technologies have become available to almost anyone, anywhere. Beginning with the microchip, which has had a 100 billion-fold improvement in 40 years, 10,000 times faster and 10 million times cheaper.
  • Hence the marginal cost of producing almost everything that can digitize has fallen toward zero.
  • Technology has become a part and parcel of every process and nothing can be realized without this globalization has also gained widespread acceptance and popularity with the help of technology.

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