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How to Get Rid of COVID-19 ??

How to Get Rid of COVID-19 ??

This post contains some informations about how to get rid of COVID-19 and some helpful tips.

1.Today’s era has witnessed explosion of science & Technology. but nothing can prevent the revenge of Science &Technology.

2. But nothing can prevent the revenge of the nature. when it is in a mood of devastation.

3. This is the current situation of our world. Neither a state, nor a country or even a continent but the whole world has come under the threat of corona virus disease.

4.The outbreak of covid-19 was first identified in wuhan, Hubei province, china in December 2019.

5. The world Health organization(WHO) declared the outbreak to be a public health emergency of international concern on 30 January 2020 and recognized it as a pandemic on 11 march 2020.

6. This virus has come to men from bats and possibly pangolins .

7. The first outbreak started from Huanan seafood wholesale market of wuhan and gradually other cities came under its vicinity.

8. The virus mainly spreads, when we come in close contact and by small droplets produced by the affected people.

9. The virus is not generally airborne and people may also catch covid-19 by touching a contaminated surface and then touching their mouth ,nose or eyes after being exposed to the virus the symptoms may appear too early within five days .

10. It may take even a bit longer than two weeks. Common symptoms include fever, cough, sneeze and shortness of breath along with muscle pain .

11. All or a few symptoms are found in an affected person.

12. Now Italy has become the new epicenter of the virus along with whole Europe and USA .

13. Now the situation has come under control in china . china has witnessed a total of 81,589 confirmed cases out of which it has seen 3.318 death and 76,408 people have recovered .

14. On contrary the situation is getting worse day by day in Europe and Asia .203 countries have been affected by this merciless virus. right up fill now.

15. Worldwide 9,56,588 cases have been confirmed out of which 2,02,728 people have died 


  • So many countries have made a lockdown to save their people Like India, Italy, the USA, etc.
  • In India to date out of 1,965 confirmed cases, 1 people have recovered and 53 people have died An invisible threat has tremendously devastated
    the world population and economy of various countries.
  • The upcoming days also look gloomy on the way of prevention of this virus. In order to keep ourselves safe.
  • We should stay at Home and Wash our Hands regularly and keep our Environment clean until this virus completely diminishes from the earth.

Hope these tips are helpful to you to know the fact that how to get rid of COVID-19.