5 Secrets:EVOLUTION OF LAPTOPS: To Create A Successful Business(Product)

Evolution of Laptops:

Enjoying your coffee sitting back in your chair? But, something’s missing? Yeah! you guessed it right. A LAPTOP ;). Well, etechsatya provides you a great deal of things which can help you, to grab the perfect laptop that you are looking for.
But, before that…….let’s see how this so-called “Lap-Top” got evolved through this time.
Just like how we evolved, Right?
So, let’s dive into the world of Jurassic, I mean Laptops…..😄

The Compass:

John Ellenby was known as the God Father of Laptop because he and his company Grid Systems released the ‘Compass’ in 1982. You might say that this was the first modern laptop because it reflects some characteristics of modern laptops.
The compass was quite heavy as well as expensive (around $8,150). The compass has an Intel 8086 processor with a 320 X 240 ELD display. It may be called as portable but still, it weighed 5 Kg/11 lbs.

The Apple Macintosh Portable:

One of the worst products made by Apple in 1989 because had to compete with the market. Apple launched its ‘Macintosh portable’. With a 9.8inch 640 X 400 black & white display, a 40 MB hard-drive & a track-ball, this portable cost around $7,300.  Weighed around 7.2 Kg/16 lbs (more than the Compass).


Launched in April 1992, the ThinkPad tablet got popular. The Thinkpad series got an immediate hit and collected more than 300 awards for its quality and design. ThinkPad was notable for TrackPoint, a small pointing device built into the keyboard to hover over the mouse on the screen.

Toshiba Libretto:

Effortless to carry this around, the Libretto shook the market for being portable in a way that no other company has ever delivered. Weighed around 850 g/ 1.85 lbs, this piece of tech was quite feathery at that time. But it lost its significance when people decided to prefer tablets instead.

Apple iBook:

The Apple iBook had made a huge jump in terms of better design philosophy. It mainly focused to make through the lives of average consumers instead of rich savvy businessmen. Plus, you can get in different flavors as well, for eg: blue-berry.  It was also the first laptop that supported the Wi-Fi connectivity.

Dell Everything:

No matter how much tech-savvy you are, you cannot ignore Dell. Dell ruled the market back then.  Designs got thinner and lighter and displays got expanded towards the edge. The Silver color was quite popular.

Apple MacBook Air:

Again!! Yes…you can’t deny the fact that Apple pushed its creativity limits each and every time. In 2008, Apple launched the thinnest laptop in the world. The Mac book Air was mainly famous for its lack of disc drive, Ethernet port, and much of any other port. Insanely minimalist, this product didn’t compromise on battery life. Following the Mac, many Laptops then started applying these techniques for making more and more minimalist designs.

Microsoft Surface:

Microsoft was one of the first to make the tablet and laptop combination right in 2012. After a lot of experiments and failures, Microsoft successfully brought Hybrid-ing into the lame light. The Surface mainly considered as a tablet but, functioned as a laptop with a keyboard and adjustable kickstand. Since then Microsoft made a great hit.
I hope, reading this you would have gained some knowledge about the evolution of Laptops. Don’t worry we won’t bore you with all these evolution topics any more…
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