A – Z Of Lockdown And It\’s Effect

       In the beginning of the year 2020, the Whole world affected by the Chinese virus Corona (covid19). This virus has been very fastly spread all around the world. Day to day corona situation increasing in society very speedily and human being facing very critical effect by this virus.

            Now all country people’s of the world badly affected by Corona scared. Whole world situation at this time is very painful and people of the world now facing so much difficulty to survive their lives.

 Now more than 215 countries of the world very badly affected by this virus. Above 3milion  people infected in corona case. Overall above one lakh, Corona infected decease in this virus.

 World health organization declared it pandemic. The present world is going into a destructive situation. However, we live in a modern world and now our science is more developed. Still, now our science fails to discover any remedy for this virus.

    Our Doctor, Nurses, Police, Teacher, Anganwadi worker and Asha Karmi and SHG group now playing a very vital role in this situation. Till now our doctor and scientist trying to make a vaccine for it.

Lockdown and it's effect

          Now the only precaution for stop spread of this virus is

1. Maintain social distance.

 2. Wear a mask and gloves.

 3. Frequently wash hand by shop n hand wash and don’t touch the face, eye and nose without clean hand.

4. Keep distance from a sick and infected person.

5. Most important is to stay home and be safe.

          For that both state and central government trying their best to save their people’s life from this pandemic in the absence of any medicine and vaccine.

        So both govt is creating awareness among people about this virus with the help of media.

      For maintain social distance and stay at home and control the spread of this virus government declared lockdown in the country.

       After the declaration of lockdown, all section of the people and every sphere of the life badly affected. Totally breakdown and fall all field of development like social, cultural, education and financial and economic condition.

For this now all school, college, university and all education institution closed which very much affect our education system and curriculum.

Increase unemployment situation. Now all govt and private office, business, mill, railway facility and industry stop for that now our economic condition very much affected.

It’s also impacted on our tradition, cultural and ritual celebration.

Price of commodities artificially hiked.

Women now very much affected by this. With their household now they are taking other responsibilities of their family. Now women provide the strongest psychological support to their husband, children’s and family members to outcome from this loneliness, stress, tense and frustration due to lockdown. Women are now playing teacher role also to complete their children school syllabus in the absence of the school curriculum. without taking any rest they work endlessly for their family in day and night.

Our warriors like a Teacher, Doctor, Nurses and police and their family also facing a lot of problems.

People are more distressed due to immediate health impact of covid19 for that they lost their job n fear of contagion which so much affects on their mental health.

Lockdown and it's effect

      After lots of bad effects, it has also some good effect on us like

  • now our environment is so clean and looking so beautiful and green. The river is so clean as now not any industry and factory pollution water not waste it.
  • Animals now happily enjoy their life without human being fear and torched.
  • Human now getting time for their family and enjoy their life with them.
  • Now people getting a lot of time for reopening their hidden talent which they forget in their busy schedule.

 In last Corona learn us living a simple life without any greed, proud and hate to others.

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