The pandemic Imposes a Dramatic effect on learning Field

The pandemic imposes a dramatic effect on the learning field. Because of the continuous disastrous strike of a pandemic “COVID-19 “,all institutions and schools drastically affected, as all of them remained closed from the last 4 months.

Countries adopting online education

However, Countries like U.S.A & U.K had made an announcement that the upcoming 2021 academic year will be majorly held through online classes.
Adding to it, This measure will encourage social distancing as well as keeping children safe from COVID-19.
Indian institutions, central and state universities had made heterogeneous response regarding COVID-19. As higher educational institutions opting for online classes and other remain halted.

Rural vs Urban Infrastructure

The online education system varies from urban to rural areas, as remote rural areas have a lack of network facilities.
Many rural school children face problems on taking classes in the English language.
Families having multiple children will face problems, as it is difficult to take classes in the single gadgets (mobile).

Hard Truth :

Since India is opting for online classes it is bitter Truth that, India still lacks in the building of digital infrastructure too.

The Following Problems:

However, Many teachers are not familiar with online Teachings.
Many children don’t have roper4g mobiles, through which they will access the classes.
Lab experiment like in doctrines ,engineering and in Pharamaetical classes could not be made  through online .

MINISTRY OF Human RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT MOOC ( Massive open online classroom)

The move was taken by the Ministry of Human Resource Development to give quality education across the country through online classes. New initiatives like
.NPTEL(National program technology enhance learning )
.SWAYAM ( Study Webs of Active-Learning for Young Aspiring Minds)
.These will boost the online education system – by giving free education to the public. As well as, It will accelerate the democratization of knowledge and wide distribution of learning opportunities in the country.

New opportunity to Develop Digital Infrastructure

At This time, we can encourage digital learning as we are uncertain that when the pandemic will end.
 Following ways, we can Improve
1-Especially, we can introduce AI(Artificial Intelligence )
2. Moreover, we can Conduct online classes
3.Apart from that ,we can Build Network Infrastructure to remote areas, such that our country will be of completely Digitalized country.
Hence, we need to give online classes with equal priority to everyone such that no individual will face any difficulties as well . For COVID-19


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