Unforgivable Sins Of SOLAR TECHNOLOGY

  • Increase In The Global Population Has Resulted In High Demand For Electricity Consumption Resulting In 79%.Enhanced Electricity Generation In The Last Two Years.
  • To Overcome This, It Is Assume That Photovoltaic Devices Exhibit A Higher Potential To Achieve Energy Power From Solar Irradiation. When Compared With Other Sources.
  • The Rapid Growth In Solar Technology Is Owe To The Loss Cost, Environmental Friendly Concerns.  Generous Subsidies From Corporate All Around The World.
  • At Present, Solar Technology Is The Most Widely Used But Global Consumption Has Led To A Very High Cost.
  • Hence, The Development Of Models Of Solar Cells With Better Efficiency And Greater Stability Is The Need Of Today.
  • To Note, Organic-Silicon Hybrid Solar Cells Have Gained Much Attention In Generating Low-Cost Photovoltaic Solar Cells.
  • Simpler Fabrication, Low-Cost Synthesis Technique Has Turned These Organic Solar Cells To Be Superior To The Conventional Solar Cells. 
  • However, The Performance Of These Cells Is Governe By The Combination Of Structural, Optical, And Electrical Aspects.
  • Considering The Recent Advances In The Fabrication, And Performances Of The Solar-Based Photovoltaic Cells.
  • The Transparent Electrodes, As Well As The Integration Of Metallic Nanostructures, Contribute To Enhance The Performances Of The Hybrid Solar Cells.
  • A Prototype Of An R.Sun Solar Radiation Model Is Be Develop By Suri And Hofieka And Is Propose To Be Apply In Regional Photovoltaic Assessments.
  • This Is Dedicate By Developing A 3-D Version Of The R-Sun Model To Deal With The Façade Surfaces.
  • These 3-D City Models Which Are Develop Can Tune Accordingly With The Effect Of Trees, Road Networking, City Infrastructure. To reflect The Better Features Of Varied Interurban Areas Also.
  • Hence, Accuracy In This Solar Technology Can Provide Improvised Assessments Of Photovoltaic Cells.In Complicated Urban Areas And Overcome The Problems Due To The Rise In The Global

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