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Google duo web has increased upto 32 people in the video chat:

Top news today update on Google duo web has extended the users to have a video chat at a time. Now you can have more than 30 people in a video call as the app is all set to take on  Zoom and Microsoft.

Amazon has launched an AI to maintain social distancing:

Amazon has developed an AI which will help the employees to maintain distance among them. It will assist those workers to have at least 6 feet of distance from each other in the workplace as it also uses camera footage in the building to have a better view.

One plus and Samsung are about to increase smart TV’s manufacturing in India:

One plus is set to make more smart TV which will be affordable to many buyers in India. Samsung has already launched its new range of smart TVs a few days before at an affordable price.

Twitter removes more than 170,000 Beijing-backed accounts:

Twitter had removed more than 170,000 accounts tied to a Beijing-backed influence operation. The company had suspended a core network of 23,750 highly active accounts.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra makes great picture quality due to the combination of 108MP, 100x zoom, and 8K video:

The Samsung A and M series always tend to win hearts for their budget-minded devices. The Galaxy S20 is stunning, offering a near bezel-less, full-frontal screen. The default screen refresh rate is 60Hz, but if you want the throttle of 120Hz, you would have to go into settings to adjust accordingly and experience more smoothness while using it.

WhatsApp launches digital payments feature  and some more :

WhatsApp is now allowing Brazil to transfer money via the messaging app. Now, people can send and receive money to each other and can make a purchase from a local business that is signed up with WhatsApp.

After Google, Apple removes zynn app from app store :

Apple has removed the TikTok clone app zynn from the app store. This app was already taken down from Google’s play store last week. This app became the most downloaded app as it offers the users to earn money for watching videos.

Facebook removed about 900 accounts as violence spreads for right-wing :

Almost 900 accounts have been removed from Facebook as for the associated with far-right proud boys along with American guard. And also those were the supporters as well as marched into a protest zone.

Corona virus leads to slow down the IT growth :

India’s IT companies are struggling to keep the growth as financial problems are increasing due to lockdown session. It affects the growth of IT Companies day by day and left no other choice to reduce the projects taken from the US and Europe.

Microsoft edge chromium version is now available with windows 10 20H2 update :

For the insider testers, the 20 H2 build version is available and obviously this is the first version of Windows 10 to have chromium version which leads to improvement in Performance due to the windows 10 20H2 version.

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