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Upcoming smartphones in the Indian market :
If we talk about how big is the Indian technology market, then this is something new to know and witness the growth of the newest technology in 2021. Before that, let’s have a look at the numbers. India is expected to leave behind US as the second-largest internet market in this planet and have the second largest active mobile subscribers base as well. The smartphone shipment in India is about to pass 70 millions by 2022 making it the third largest smartphone base with more than 150 million active smartphone users. And ranked as the second largest market for social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and is expected to grow in the coming year. There is a lot smartphone to be launched in 2021 with some fabulous features.
Upcoming futuristic Laptop :
Laptop also known as a notebook computer which is a personal portable computer, powered by a battery and an plugged into the power outlet to charge those battery. Well, Etechsatya provides updates on Laptops. Upcoming Laptops are 2 inches thick, weight not more than
5 pounds, and designed for low power consumption as well. Modern laptop include a mid size screen, a slim keyboard, a little trackpad, a joystick that serves as a mouse. A thin LED laptop display is attached which can be folded flat to carry out. Laptops are used in a variety of applications, such as Internet browsing, work, gaming, study and personal entertainment use.
New Bike Launched in India :
In 2020, Indian market was one of the leading country in the automobile industry. With more than 3 million units were sold in both passenger and commercial vehicles categories combined. And in 2019, it was the seventh-largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles. The two-wheelers
vehicles dominate the market in sales terms ofand growing between middle class and young population. Moreover, the increasing interest of the band owners is exploring the rural markets along with the growth of the sector. Etechsatya provides all updates related to Vehicles launched in India.

India is also a leading auto exporter and has powerful export growth expectations for the future. Apart from that, several enterprises by the Government of India and prime automobile competitors in the Indian market is expected to make India a head in the two-wheeler and four-wheeler market in this planet by 2024.

Smart appliances and gadgets for Home :
Now actually how beneficial smart home appliances and gadgets is ? There is a lot in Etechsatya where you can easily review and compare the smart home devices before you buy them. These smart products just add durability and smooth operations to your household appliances such as refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, dryer, garden equipment and other electronic devices with self-priming and sealants for quality in heat and cold. Enhance the productivity and product quality for appliances and tools with strong bonding and flexible that gives you a delightful experience while using those.
Trending Technology 2021 :
Etechsatya provides posts related to information about upcoming technology which includes the future of drones that takes off to a new level. As we’ve witnessed only drones that help you capture aerial photography through portable designs. But in 2021 drones go one step further with multiple work capabilities. Companies are looking for home delivery services through drones. Over the last few years, we’ve seen TVs adopted a huge upgrade in terms of design and features. The upcoming year will take them one step ahead, and we are going have TVs that roll out from the edge of your bed. In a modern era where everything’s converted to wireless, chargers have experienced an upgrade as well. Xiaomi has introduced a device that can charge your smartphone across the
room without any wire or cord. The new Mi Air Charge will charge multiple devices at a time from any distance away. It’ll automatically track and connect with your smartphone so you can use or walk around with it in your hand while it charges.
Science Hot Topics :
Science and Technology hold the key to the development of this world. Technology plays very important role in wealth management, improvement of the quality of lifestyle and economic growth in every society. Etechsatya examines the concept of Science Hot Topics emphasizing the role of Science through our website, where we post different Science topics discovered by our modern scientists.