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New Device Launched to Destroy Coronavirus, It’s all about Shycocan Device

coronavirus eliminator Device:
The Shycocan is a cylindrical device which is proven to be 99.9% effective in curbing
the spread of the coronavirus in an enclosed space or in a room. This product will have
no impact on a Covid-19-infected person and don’t act as a cure, but its functionality
can stop the global transmission. New Device Launched to eliminate Coronavirus, It’s
all about Shycocan Device, Shycocan will be turned into a game-changer,
The Shycocan adopts a natural process to wipe out the coronavirus. It is not among the
cure for coronavirus but just a medical device. The device can contain the spread of the
virus in a closed enclosure as well as it is airborne in such spaces.
One can’t be sure about who’s going to show symptoms, who’s going to show severe
symptoms, and who’s going to die or not.
The idea is to prevent the spread of coronavirus from an infected person to a noninfected one, even if they are next to each other.
How does the Shycocan work?
The Shycocan acquire old physics principles, according to Doctors. When a superalloy
(manufactured by Organisation De Scalene) is elevated, it release a certain amount of
photons. These photons bounce off various surfaces to emit electrons, which have a
specific energy level and charge.
On the Covid-19 front, the Spike proteins in the coronavirus connect on to the host cell,
which is present in human cells as the negative membrane potential and carry a
negative charge in the cell.
The electrons turn out from the machine actively seek the negative charge of the virus,
which in turn damage the spike protein of the coronavirus.
The cycle continues, as discharged photons combat the spread of the virus, irrespective
of the number of infected people in the enclosed room.
What is the Shycocan made of? Are the
photons dangerous to us?
The Shycocan is a endemic product and the raw materials can be easily found at one’s
roadside vendor. The photons discharged are not dangerous and the product is ecofriendly.
The Shycocan does not harm any living being – from micro-organisms like fungi to the
largest animals and even human beings. It only strikes the spike protein – a non-living
particle of the virus and prevents further spread.
The device can be placed in any restaurant and kitchen space as chefs frequently use
active agents such as yeast in the cooking process.
The Shycocan does not interrupt any other services, be it telephone calls or a internet
How much does the Shycocan cost?
The price of the Shycocan is still unknown, but Doctors revealed that this device will be
far less than a day’s treatment for a Covid-19 positive patient.
This product has been made available to the common people at a reasonable price that
is affordable for everybody. A lot of investment has gone into assure this device is safe
as well as effective.
At the end of the day – it should reach every person to protect themselves from
infections as everybody has the right to do so.”
The Shycocan will hit the market on August 15 according to the source. The Shycocan
will be turned into a game-changer once it has been made available to the market for
the public. The coronavirus scores have crossed almost 1.5 million marks in India. A
safe and effective device is sure to bring rest to the burdened healthcare system as well
as to the frontline workers. This will eventually outcome in a decrease in coronavirus
positive cases. coronavirus eliminator device is useful for mankind.
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