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Facebook’s Upcoming First-Ever Latest Smart Watch

Facebook, the world’s largest social media company is set to launch its own first swartwatch soon. There is a lot of discussion about the facebook’s first ever smartwatch even before its launch. This facebook smartwatch is going have a lot of amazing features in its latest smart watch which have not been given in any smartwatch ever. Facebook is taking an amazing step to launch its first ever smartwatch. But the company hasn’t confirmed yet to the public but plans to launch next year.

Facebook building its first smartphone is not the first report to talk about. Previsously, it has reported the same, that facebook would only focus on health and messaging features. Facebook is said to be working with two wireless carriers in the US to support LTE connectivity in the smartwatches says the report.

This latest smart watch is facebook’s first step on launch a hardware device for the wirst. Competing with Apple at a time when two of technology giants are already on competition with each other. Apple has already put itself as a keeper of privacy data by limiting data varieties like facebook can collect. On the other hand facebook has armed surrounded of its data handling of users. This dynamic competition can create a battle for facebook to convince the users to buy its upcoming Apple watch competitor. As it also plans to palce the watch as a fitness top smartwatch.

 About the Facebook’s Smart Watch:

The first new smartwatch that facebook is going to launch which is going to compete with Apple Watches and latest smart watch. Presently, report has guaranteed that Facebook’s original smartwatch will have two cameras, a pulse screen, and is supposedly going to be launched in the first half of 2022.

According to a report, facebook’s smart watch is going to be the best looking smart watch. With a unique display that will come with a dual camera setup. Here the display can be separated from the smart watch also. This smart watch is going to be the best smartwatch for fitness. It also does from clicking photos to capturing videos, everything will become easy with this latest smart watches.

latest smart watch

In the facebook latest smart watch the second camera will be detachable. And users will be able to share their videos and photos from the smart watch on apps that facebook owns such as instagram.

This smart watch will be based on google’s updated wear operating system. That has announced at the I/O conference last month. This upcoming smartwatch features includes, it can monitor heart rate like other smart watches. As per reports, AR glasses could play an important role in future versions of these latest smart watches. Facebook has also announced that it is planning to partner with ray-ban for AR glass.

The main idea behind this top smartwatch is that to encourage the users to use it in the way how the smartphones are used. Mark Zuckerberg’s plan was to make more customer devices. That to find a way how Apple and Google platforms have reached to customers by controlling facebook’s ability.

Key Features of this latest smart watch:


  • The facebook’s first ever smartwatch will mainly include a 1080p camera for video calling.
  • It is required to don another camera on the back, which will make it not the same as the Apple smartwatch. Sponsored by Android’s custom form, the watch wearable will include a pulse screen, and backing LTE network.
  • With the smartwatch, Facebook is focusing on sales in the “low six figures”.
  • Like smartphones, these smartwatches focus on the messaging capabilities for quick interactions with people, reads the report.
  • Facebook smartwatch will also have a cellular connection,that make sense with a focus on messaging , reports have predicted.

Expected Price in India:

The price of the facebook’s upcoming best smartwatch is expected to be around $ 400 i.e. Rs 29000(approx), this may change later also.


This latest smartwatch can be launched in three colors:

  • white
  • gold
  • black color

Launch Date:

Facebook can launch its top rated smart watches soon in the market with better features. As of now not much is known about the upcoming trending smart watch. As per reports, it is suggested that facebook will launch its upcoming smartwatch in 2022.

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